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inMotion VR is changing healthcare by providing adaptive, precise and personalized exercises in virtual reality. Using VR in physical therapy increases patient engagement and loyalty, gives quantified results and boosts your tool belt as professional. VR rockets rehabilitation from a mostly boring and repetitive ‘must-do’, into a whole new gamified world of healing.

By combining physical games and the power of the patients own imagination using Corpus VR by InMotion VR will focus health care providers and clients on the potential to heal and will take the focus away from pain and stress. Our excitement with InMotion VR thus comes from the game-changing impact our solution can have on a wide range of medical treatment methods for a better and more personalized healthcare methodology that: speeds up recovery & avoids re-admittance of patient lowers the ever-exploding costs of healthcare around the world, by integrating AR/VR and gamification tools in usual medical treatment methods for a very interactive, humanized way of providing health care.

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The experts behind inMotion VR believe in treatments build on technology and expertise, together with collecting data. In this way, patients with both mental and physical disorders get a motivating and healing therapy based on their own data, and therapists can classify their hours more (cost)efficient.

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“Corpus VR is a very interesting therapy platform to extend our neurocognitive and physical rehabilitation program. Especially the mobile versions of VR applications. It allows us to use this technique in the very early stages of recovery (acute phase) as well in the normal rehabilitation stage (sub-acute phase).”

Lode Sabbe

Head occupational therapy department at Ghent University Hospital


"The main reason I believe in Corpus VR is engagement. The easier it is for a therapist to engage with the software, the more likely it is to use it continually. The easier it is for the patient to engage; the more often the patient is going to use it and get the results he is looking for."

Kenneth Chillson

Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropracic


“VR is for every type of client. They are all enthusiastic about VR even the people you would not expect it from. Everyone has fun when they use it and time flies once the therapy is started.”

Jelte Noordman

Physical Therapist at Fysiokracht


“Corpus VR gives the opportunity to measure, for example, ROM and circumduction and to explore progress after playing the games.”

Jan Pool

Researcher and Human Movement Scientist at University of Applied Sciences

Corpus VR is the world leading standard in rehabilitation

Corpus VR Pro and Personal by InMotion VR offer NextGen solutions for Precision Health Care and Personalized Healthcare in the field of Physical Therapy. For faster and more effectual patient recovery, increased patient engagement, and reduced operating and employee costs.

InMotion VR has developed Corpus VR Pro and Corpus VR Personal. The Pro version is to be used by professionals, and the Personal version can be used at home or at work. Both use a unique integration of immersive technologies like VR, motion sensors and game mechanics in custom treatment methods.

Corpus VR Pro: real time monitoring and adjusting physical therapy exercises in VR worlds Corpus VR Pro. This therapy platform for physio- and neurotherapy can be used by a therapist as a tool for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders. As a platform, accessible through an app, Corpus VR Pro holds a variety of therapeutic exercises for neck and shoulders. An additional skin respons biofeedback sensor from Mindfield Biosystems® can be used to measure skin conductivity. This is an effective and proven method to measure stress and relaxation during exercises.

VR in practice

Corpus VR Personal: prevention and fun at home or at work Corpus VR is a Virtual Reality platform for anyone who cares for a great health and would like to improve it. It provides physio- and neuro improvement exercises at work or at home. Progress can be monitored in-game and all data is safely stored. It can be used in a self-managed health care program for example with physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders.

Different views; different therapists; one way to pursue our believes

This is the moment the technology comes into health care and stress reduction: Virtual Reality. InMotion VR believes that the combination of Virtual Reality and therapy creates more focus, more fun (and therefore more motivation) and more confidence for your patients.

We have a great team of dedicated designers, developers, rehabilitation and sports therapists. All contributing to creating the best products. Start to get to know the people who will add a new dimension to your treatments!

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