Kiki Coppelmans

CSO / Co-Founder and Psychosomatic Physical Therapist

I’m a psychosomatic physical therapist. I prefer to get in touch with patients to support, coach and motivate them to get back in motion. With the aim of improving your own well-being and learn how to control it yourself.

I am always interested in helping patients with complex complaints, like chronic pains, physical complaints combined with burn-out/ depression and stress-related problems. And to learn patients how they can recover themselves.

I turned to the use of Virtual reality (VR) because I experienced the positive power of VR myself. And started to develop the Corpus VR therapy solution so I can help my patients even better. As CSO and Co-Founder of inMotion VR I believe that through fun, gamified exercises with VR technology, we can get people mentally and physically in motion for a better wellbeing!

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