What is the ROI of Corpus VR for my practice or home care program?

Using Corpus VR in your practice will need to return the investment of your license. Each health care system is different, so ROI is calculated differently for each practice. Would you like a personal calculation for your practice? Contact us.

For a Dutch practice, we’ve made an ROI calculation. With a reimbursement of an insurance company on a therapy session of 32 EUR per client, adding a charge of 3 euro per patient for VR therapy we’ve made a business case. This practice treated 412 patients a month with VR. They reached a break-even for the first year investment within two months. Should you think 3 euro per patient is too much, another example is: charge 0,50 EUR per patient per session, will break even at 6 months.

In the USA home health care system it is possible to combine Corpus VR pro and personal for a home health care program. Reducing the investment for a practice, decreasing health care costs overall per patient and finding ways to effectively treat more patients per practice. to half the time, because the insurance companies will be providing home healthcare programs to patients and for your practice, it means that a patient can do their own sessions at home and you could possibly be treating 100 patients per week extra. Patients may then deduct a percentage of their health care costs as a rebate when they can prove they did use their personal license.

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