Which hardware do I need for Corpus VR?

To be able to use Corpus VR software, you need a Virtual Reality headset also referred to as HMD, which stands for Head Mounted Display. A tablet is needed when you use Corpus VR Pro. And of course a working WIFI connection. You can use dedicated VR headsets like an Oculus GO or Samsung Gear VR. But you can also use your own smartphone, either based on iOS or Android and use them in combination with a generic VR headset like a Bobo VR.

Corpus VR works across brands and devices to give you maximum flexibility and choice.
We recommend going for a good quality headset like a Samsung Gear VR, Oculus GO, HTC Vive Focus or Lenovo Mirage Solo. They offer maximum wearing comfort and are easy to clean when used in combination with a waterproof face-cover.

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