For which treatments can I use Corpus VR?

Corpus VR can be used by a physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Sports therapist or Occupational therapist. The basic part of Corpus VR is available for the cervical spine, trunk, back and legs for the treatment of conditions/ complaints such as:

  1. Cervical strains
  2. Whiplash (WAD I&II)
  3. Kinesiophobia
  4. Arthrosis
  5. MUPS
  6. CANS
  7. Muscular cervical headache
  8. Stress-related physical pains
  9. Burn-out and Depression (prevention)

And more...

Corpus VR works from both the biomedical model and the biopsychosocial model this is also known as the holistic view. Methodical physiological activity and active functional measurement are interwoven in Corpus VR. They are subdivided as follows:

  1. Mobility measurement data: At the ROM section of functional measurement, you can make an estimate of what exercises can be started as a therapist.
  2. Training variables: Changeable in difficulty within or outside the client's range of motion, in or out of the patient's comfort zone. Set as training variables such as mobility, muscle stretching/ relaxation, coordination, and endurance.

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