Conquer fear and improve your overall wellbeing with Virtual Reality

You probably have become aware of the fact that Virtual Reality has become more and more advanced in recent years, especially in entertainment. However, less well-known is the progress made in applying VR in health care.

One of the positive recent developments is that it has been proven that VR is an effective tool for treating PTSD, phobias, stress and other psychiatric disorders. This means that applying VR will also be very useful in motion anxiety, also known as kinesiophobia. It can also be applied in situations where a certain amount of pain limits normal movement. This often has to do with underlying anxiety and obstructive beliefs that the client may have about pain. Like "maybe I'm just making it worse when I'm moving, I'd better not make any movements.". Or "I feel pain, that must be a bad sign". When this occurs, you can distract the client from his pain and let them make a normal movement through pleasant distraction and clear goals in Virtual Reality. With positive feedback, you can let the client experience that they can move again without the fear. This is all supported and included in Corpus VR.

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Read the whole research at the Harvard Review of Psychiatry.