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Corpus VR makes it possible for me to shift my patients focus away from the pain they experience. This was often a limitation in my treatments until I started applying Corpus VR. Now it is just part of my standard offering and it enables me to empower my patients to regain control on their own recovery faster."

- Kenneth Chillson

“Corpus VR makes it way easier for me during treatments to do certain exercises, like for example mindfulness exercises. Without the Virtual Reality experience, it’s harder for me to relax. With this VR-experience, my stress level decreases and I am having control over my body and mind.”

- Simone de Visser

Virtual Reality is the right tool for me in combination with the usual exercises. In this way, my mind remembers the virtual environments which help me to relax perfectly. With the results that after those treatments, my neck and shoulders are way more flexible!”

- Kiki Coppelmans

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“Corpus VR is a very interesting therapy platform to extend our neurocognitive and physical rehabilitation program. Especially the mobile versions of VR applications. It allows us to use this technique in the very early stages of recovery (acute phase) as well in the normal rehabilitation stage (sub-acute phase).”

Lode Sabbe

Head occupational therapy department at Ghent University Hospital


"The main reason I believe in Corpus VR is engagement. The easier it is for a therapist to engage with the software, the more likely it is to use it continually. The easier it is for the patient to engage; the more often the patient is going to use it and get the results he is looking for."

Kenneth Chillson

Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropracic


“VR is for every type of client. They are all enthusiastic about VR even the people you would not expect it from. Everyone has fun when they use it and time flies once the therapy is started.”

Jelte Noordman

Physical Therapist at Fysiokracht


“Corpus VR gives the opportunity to measure, for example, ROM and circumduction and to explore progress after playing the games.”

Jan Pool

Researcher and Human Movement Scientist at University of Applied Sciences

inMotion VR has a great network of therapists and scientists, working on the different scientific aspects of virtual reality and sensor technology for training and rehabilitation. Learn more about this by reading our selected research papers.

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