Lode Sabbe

Head occupational therapy department

Lode Sabbe is Head occupational therapy department and Operational manager Smart Place Rehabilitation at Ghent University Hospital.

With his expertise in the field of neurocognitive and physical rehabilitation, he is actively applying new innovative ways to improve the processes. Using Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms is one of the key interest areas that he is exploring by applying it in real-world settings. Being able to use mobile VR like Corpus VR allows him and his team to use this technique in the very early stages of recovery (acute phase) as well in the normal rehabilitation stage (sub-acute phase).

As human healthcare is evolving from only the cure and care model to cure-care & enhancement model it is necessary to stay on top of things. Add to that robotics, sensor-based technology and telerehabilitation, and you can see the enormous potential for future healthcare and wellbeing.

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